What precision can installations be made with the Gravity Drilling Rig?

The Gravity Drilling Technology enables installations with an accuracy of 0.2%.


Is it necessary to disassemble or otherwise interfere with typical DN 1000 or DN 1200 sewage chambers during installation?

There is no need to interfere with the existing road and other infrastructure. Installation is carried out from the existing well to the well, without having to dismantle them.


Is it possible to use the Gravity Drilling technology to make an installation from a trench instead of from a well?

Installation can be done from any starting chamber. In this case, the drill rig is placed in an additional supporting structure / adapter.


What requirements should a starting sewage well meet in order to be able to carry out the installation from it?

Typical DN 1200 manholes are best prepared according to the drawing below. It is not a necessary condition. We can perform the work from any well and starting chamber, including the one with low mechanical strength.

wymagania studni ang


Does MIDO have quality certificates for the Modular Pipes used?

We have the National Technical Assessment of ITB. This document allows the use of Modular Pipes for the construction of non-pressure sanitary and rainwater drainage networks, using both excavation and trenchless technologies. Moreover, they may be used in the case of renovation of existing pipes.