Renovation of Existing Installations

The scope of our work also includes the renovation and clearing of the existing, damaged sewage pipes, without the need to interfere with the surface, similar to the method of static cracking. The solution is used wherever urgent intervention is needed. In the event of a failure in densely built-up urban spaces, where interference with the existing infrastructure would generate high social costs. The broken installation is filled with injection leaven and drilling is performed in the same way as in the case of trenchless laying of the installation in the ground.


We renovate old networks even in situations of complete breakdown and obstruction of the sewer. Identical to performing a new installation, we begin duct reclamation by pilot drilling an existing, obstructed installation.


The system of radio location of the probe enables the control of the route while passing the obstacle by the pilot rod. In the event of an obstruction caused by a hard and persistent fraction, e.g. a fragment of rock, our technology allows you to drill through it without losing the original route of the existing installation.


The method of reaming the pipes enables any change in the diameter of the pipe, adapting it to the new design requirements. This is of particular importance when the existing network is expanded and the diameter of the existing connections between the collectors needs to be increased.


During renovation, there is no need to block the flow of sewage in the adjacent installations.