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We use Modular Pipes to make pipelines using the Gravity Drilling technology in places with limited installation space wells.

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Polypropylene (PP) is used for their production. The production uses the method of extrusion. Polypropylene (PP) is a material with high resistance to chemicals. Pipes made of PP are resistant to pH 2 to pH 12, corrosion caused by water such as municipal sewage, rainwater, surface water and groundwater. Pipes made of polypropylene have a very high smoothness of walls, as a result of which we obtain very low flow resistance. Polypropylene is characterized by a lack of moisture absorption and a very high chemical resistance. These characteristics make the pipes made of polypropylene have very low ability to fouling of the internal surfaces of the sewer pipes. Pipes made of PP work thermally, i.e. they change their dimensions depending on the temperature. This additionally promotes the removal of sediments which, as a result of changes in the dimensions of the pipes, break and are washed away by the flowing stream of liquid flowing in the pipeline. Another important feature of pipes made of PP plastics is their flexibility. Compared to the rigid, traditional vitrified clay pipes, pipes made of PP are more resistant to mechanical damage, leakage of the installation, occurring as a result of stresses resulting from soil movement.

The most important features of underground installations made of PP pipes:

  • high corrosion resistance
  • high chemical resistance
  • high abrasion resistance
  • niska chropowatość
  • high mechanical strength

By machining the pipes, locks are made, i.e. elements responsible for connecting subsequent segments to each other. The tightness of the connection is achieved by a NBR rubber gasket.


The PP pipes we use are made of the highest quality materials. We guarantee the reliability of the installations arranged from them. All machining activities are performed on precise CNC machining centers. Modular pipes are connected with a compact squeezer, adapted to each pipe diameter.

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The total length of modular pipes with the introducing and expanding pins is 700 mm. Longer modular pipes with a length of no more than 1000 mm can be made. Modular pipes are intended for the construction of non-pressure networks outside and under building structures (application area code "UD"). The pipes are used for the construction and renovation of a non-pressure network using the traditional method (in an open trench) or the trenchless drilling method (gravity drilling).

The pipes are especially used in places with limited working space, such as in the DN 1200 manhole. A sewer pipe is built in the well by connecting successive pipe segments to each other.

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Itb okladka mala The product has a National Technical Assessment issued by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw. To read the document, click on the image

The range of manufactured diameters of Modular Pipes:


The production of pipes is carried out with the use of modern CNC processing machines.

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Each piece made is subject to quality control, including dimensional control of all relevant dimensions.

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When it comes to the subject of Modular Pipes, it is worth mentioning and clarifying the generally accepted nomenclature for specific technical and dimensional parameters. Often times, the markings of the inside and outside diameter of the pipes are confused, which may result in misunderstandings during or after the installation. The most frequently used parameter is the DN dimension, the so-called nominal dimension. Moreover, we have D - outer diameter, d - inner diameter and e - wall thickness. DN is the approximate value of the inside diameter, given in millimeters, calculated as the difference between the outside diameter (D) and twice the wall thickness (e). For example, a DN 160 pipe means a pipe with an outside diameter of D = 180 mm and a wall thickness of e = 10.2 mm.

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Another parameter used for pipes is SDR. It is the ratio of the outside diameter of the pipe to the wall thickness.

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