Building new installations

The technology we use to build new installations is best illustrated in the animation below (click on the picture below).


The Gravitational Drilling Technology is designed for making gravity installations (connections and collectors) from PP modular pipes, in particular between DN 1000, DN 1200 and DN 1500 wells. The design of the machine allows it to be inserted through a typical DN 600 manhole. We also make installations between atypical wells and excavations. We make installations with a precision unprecedented and unavailable for other technologies, reaching 0.2% of the gravitational drop. We perform the works fully trenchless, without any interference in the existing infrastructure. We do not violate any existing installations or structures, we do not interfere with the construction of the well or its surroundings. The technology we use does not require the disassembly of any element of the well or the adjacent road or pavement surface. The process of building the installation takes place in the following stages:

The drilling rig is installed in the starting well.

przewiert 01

A pilot drilling is performed towards the ending well.

przewiert 02

During a pilot drilling, the set drilling direction is controlled using a radio location system to achieve the assumed installation slope.

przdwiert 02a

Pilot drilling is completed when the drill head reaches the final well. Then, with the help of the crown head, an opening is made in the end well through which the pipe will be installed.

przewiert 03

The machine is converted into a reaming head to which the first pipe segment is mounted. As the drill rod is pulled back into the launch well, more segments of the installed pipe are assembled. The pipe segments are joined using a specialized crimping device.

przewiert 04

The process of retracting the head with the reinforcement of the pipe under construction with subsequent segments is carried out until the head reaches the starting well.

przewiert 05

The construction of the new installation is completed when the reaming head is reached along with the successive segments of the starting well pipes.

przewiert 06