Mido Gravity Drilling Technology On YouTube

On our YOUTUBE channel, you can view a video of our technology by clicking on the image below.

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The material is constantly updated with new reports from the implementation. We encourage you to visit us regularly on our channel.


Jasien YT
Construction of a sanitary sewage system in Gdańsk Jasień.
yt rury modulowe
Modular Pipes
yt redlowo
Sanitary sewage system in Gdynia
yt obwodnica
Drilling at the Tri-City Ring Road
yt politechnika
Rainwater sewage system at the Gdańsk University of Technology
yt redlowo
Precise gravity installation in Gdynia Redłowo
yt wrze
Sewage connections in dense urban buildings
yt animacja
Presentation of Gravity Drilling Technology