BAUMA 2022

The advantages of our technology of construction of underground, precise sewage networks have already been appreciated outside our country. In order to meet customer expectations, we decided to enter new world markets with innovative technology by participating in this year's edition of the international BAUMA 2022 fair. This fair is the most important event for the construction industry from around the world. An indispensable part of them is the sector related to the trenchless construction of underground precise gravity networks.

The fair takes place from October 24 to 30, 2022 at the Munich Trade Fair Center.

At our stand, we will present a complete set of devices related to our technology, allowing the construction of fully trenchless precision gravity channels, in densely built-up places, in particular communication routes important for the functioning of the city. Our technology allows for the production of precise gravity channels: connections and elements of collectors, without the need to interfere with any element of the existing infrastructure: building, road, sidewalk, railway or tram tracks. This greatly reduces the time and cost of construction, and above all reduces the social costs associated with the temporary exclusion of work areas from traffic.

The pictures below show the location of our exhibition stand, marked with the number 620/6. We invite you to visit us.


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